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Where’s My Refund?

Posted on 30. Apr, 2008 by .


If you’ve been anxiously checking the mailbox every afternoon for your tax refund, there’s a better way. The IRS has created an online tool appropriately called “Where’s My Refund?” “Where’s My Refund?” is fast, easy, safe and convenient… why wouldn’t you use it? Nearly 9.7 million taxpayers have already checked the status of their 2007 […]

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Breaking News: Filing Your Taxes Online is Easy

Posted on 09. Mar, 2008 by .


In numbers that are in no way surprising, more Americans are realizing the many benefits of filing online. In fact, the IRS announced that e-filing is off to a fast start in 2008 with more than 38 million tax returns filed electronically so far. This figure is up 5 percent from the 36 million returns […]

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Economic Stimulus Package: Where’s My Money!?

Posted on 21. Feb, 2008 by .


UPDATE:Thanks to one of our faithful readers, I was reminded of one crucial point I forgot to make earlier. The rebates represent a 2008 tax cut. But instead of getting the tax cut next year, when you file your 2008 return, you’ll get it this year. Although many people have been complaining about this fact, […]

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46 Tax Deductions for Bloggers (or any Web Worker)

Posted on 07. Jan, 2008 by .


There’s a fairly comprehensive list I came across over at for deductions that bloggers might overlook; however, the 46 Tax Deductions That Bloggers Often Overlook can also apply to anyone running their own business from home. Warning: when most people read a list like this they get excited and believe they are now able […]

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Is a Flat Tax Fair For Americans?

Posted on 07. Jan, 2008 by .


As I become more actively involved in watching the presidential debates and following various candidates, one of the topics that is at the top of my list of concerns is the economy. Specifically I worry about the rising cost of health care, the state of social security, and of course… taxes. Most candidates have touched […]

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