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Is Your Bank Account Safe?

Posted on 28. Sep, 2008 by .


I’ve been getting a number of emails lately from readers concerned about their personal bank accounts in the wake of this month’s financial crisis. The truth is a number of fairly large banks have failed and the trend is likely to continue over the coming weeks. People have already begun to speculate, for example, how […]

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Is a Countrywide Bankruptcy Imminent? Investors Think So!

Posted on 08. Jan, 2008 by .


Countrywide Financial (CFC), one of America’s largest home-loan lenders, tried as hard as they could today to deny the rumor that the company is filing for bankruptcy. However, as today’s stock performance shows… nobody seemed to be listening. But today’s press announcements and market reactions brings up a few interesting observations about investing: 1. Sometimes […]

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In PayPal We Trust?

Posted on 27. Jun, 2007 by .


I’m a big fan of the online payment processor PayPal. Even after having my account hijacked and thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment shipped to somewhere in the Philippines, I continue to use the service. It’s fast, easy, and cheap. Reasons thousands upon thousands have also relied upon the payment processor to handle everything […]

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How to Start Building Credit: Secured Credit Cards

Posted on 20. Jun, 2007 by .


A friend of mine at work recently asked me an interesting question. He’s here in the US temporarily on a “global exchange program” and was wondering how to start building his credit so that he could eventually take out a car loan, buy a condo, or just get a credit card with some points. It […]

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Key Bank’s Free iPod Promotion: The Last Chapter

Posted on 20. Mar, 2007 by .


Can you guess what I’m listening to right now? If you couldn’t guess from the title to this post, I finally received my free iPod Nano from Key Bank! I initially wrote about the promotion here, and months later wrote about my frustrations at having never received the iPod. After several phone calls and letters, […]

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