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Experiment in Budgeting – Part 2

Posted on 07. Feb, 2006 by .


As you may recall, I posted about a new online budgeting tool that uses the envelope system. The envelope system, if you recall, is a cash-based budgeting system that consists of creating literal envelopes in which you place the cash you have budgeted for the month. That way, each time you pull out $10 for […]

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An Experiment in Budgeting

Posted on 24. Jan, 2006 by .


My wife and I are pretty good at creating and following a budget; however, we’re always up for trying new methods. And this week a new (FREE!) online personal budgeting site was announced – MySpendingPlan.com. The site is described as: A new website for people and groups who are looking for powerful, collaborative, and free […]

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