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Question of the Day: How Much Have You Saved

Posted on 25. May, 2006 by .


This question was inspired by an article sent in by a reader, Laura Byrne, which outlines a study commissioned by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell’s lawyers.com. The study reports that almost one-half of all U.S. adults (45%) say their household does not have enough money in liquid savings to cover at least three months of living expenses! Some […]

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Question of the Day: How Much Do You Tip Carside-to-Go?

Posted on 23. May, 2006 by .


Most of the time I let my wife decide how much the tip should be. Having worked as a waitress for a few months she knows how hard those waiters and waitresses work and how they depend on their tip. In addition, I’ve always been taught to tip the standard amount as a minimum and […]

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